Abortion Rights Needs You!

Today we are launching annual end of year fundraiser!  Please help support Abortion Rights by making a donation - Every last crumb helps us keep moving forward! 

We aiming to raise just £3,000 to top up our fighting fund and keep the campaign active.  

The Abortion Revolution is underway!  

It's been a very busy year…… We have organised flurry of activity both in Westminster and through activism on the ground but there still is much to do.

In 2018 we said YES to trusting women, we saw the power of activism and it was beautiful!

We need your help to continue our important work. We run our efforts through the generous support of our volunteer base and membership. It’s becoming harder for us to defend and extend choice on our dwindling resources.

How you can help? Pledge us some dosh and become an Abortion Rights member today! We are asking as many people as possible to chip into our fighting fund to defend and extend choice -- and really, every little bit helps.  

We're keep fighting! We're not going anywhere as we believe that every woman deserves free, safe, legal and local abortion care free from stigma and harassment. 

So, gloves are off in 2019 but we need your help! Please donate as little or as much as you can afford & really every penny counts.

In 2019, we’re getting ready! 

We say abortion is human rights & we say its time that:

  • Parity in Abortion Care
  • Impartial & available information on abortion
  • An end to harassment and intimidation outside clinics
  • Relationships and Sex Education lessons to include abortion as a safe and  clinical option
  • Comprehensive reproductive health care

                              Please Support Abortion Rights!

Donate now and help us keep defending & extending  woman’s        access to & experience of abortion!


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